Aspyxiation Nation

by Hands on Throat

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This is Hands on Throat's 2006 (7?) album. It was recorded, variously, at Club 97 (RIP), HOT's practice space, a bathroom in Warm Springs, and our living room. #punkaseff Please listen all you want; any donations you're willing to make will go straight to, a non-profit whose purpose is to get more musical instruments in the hands of more kids.

We'll miss you forever, Travis - here's a little way to keep your music helping those, for years to come. Love you, brother.


released June 6, 2006

Travis (Guitar/Backing Vox)
Robert (Bass/Backing Vox)
Ray (Guitar/Backing Vox)
Andy (Lead Vox)
Sean (Drums/Backing Vox)



all rights reserved


Sean Conscious Bend, Oregon

I spend a lot of time on my bike thinking about how to try to make things better. Sometimes, these things become songs.

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Track Name: Below
authority reigning down on me where the fuck is their priority? living life our own way doesn't come without a price to pay we'll escape the status quo follow me below if you've got nowhere left to go follow me below saving face making waste losing time at a breakneck pace gonna stay american way we've got our own perilous games to play busted balls broken glass lie in wait for my time to pass gone away rue the day find a way to make you pay
Track Name: Blunt Instrument
another night i'm locked down tight it's been forever since i've seen the sunlight no way can't stay holding out for one last day forever dying on the inside dying just to get on the outside not free to be free hammers marked justice follow me i don't belong in this cage boiling my blood with this rage got but one chance to be free taking you all down with me nobody else is getting out alive can't you hear the siren wailing tonight? taking you all down with me these four gray walls all i see got but one chance to get free taking you all down with me break down these walls tonight wait until they hit the lights taking you down with me all of you on your knees
Track Name: Gods of War
hit the ground running with the fear of god in me sent to kill not to care fight the enemy freedom's not the reason and it's not democracy vengeance is my motivation to bring brutality attrition killing you killing me annihilation destruction of my enemy dissention slaying all that challenge me infliction chaos breeding casualties running blind behind the lines a rifle in my hand sent to fight not to survive to gain a piece of land through killing fields weapons we wield sound that battle cry dealing death till my last breath unafraid to die murder is my occupation rivers running red no secrets to my location follow trails of dead stories told on battle scars and notches on my gun fearless and aggressive now i'll die before i run strength beyond strength now kill to live living to kill a fire burns inside anger is my motor living breathing genocide i will make your martyrs in this jihad that you seek vengeance is my motivation and bleeding are the weak
Track Name: More Dead Than Alive
lately i can't seem to get myself out of bed can't seem to shake these cobwebs from my head motivation used to be a friend of mine hasn't shown his face in a long long time the bottle seems to be my new best friend the mirror on the wall reflects the shape i'm in think about the things i could have been doesn't even matter too close to the end i'm dead more dead than alive bitterness slowly creeps into my brain have to ask myself "have i gone insane?" pain and suffering is more than i can bear people around me just sit and stare i'm stuck in a place i never thought i'd be realize i'm not the man i planned to be can't deny there's something wrong with me will i be stuck here for eternity darkness surrounds me it's all that i see feel the grim reaper bearing down on me no place to hide just try to survive it's hard to do when you're more dead than alive walking through the valley of the shadow of death don't know could this be my last breath? somewhere there's an open grave for me the day i fill it i'm finally free
Track Name: Pyromaniac Holiday
tonight's the night we're gonna burn it down set the fire right and burn it to the ground when you see us coming better get the fuck out the way chaos on parade pyromaniac holiday when you see us coming better get the fuck out the way anarchy on parade pyromaniac holiday dead tweakers everywhere MDC tell people everywhere we ain't gonna stop we'll meet you at the scene bring your matches and your gasoline tonight we'll burn this motherfucker down burn that mechanism to the ground watch it burn motherfucker burn we're building up a fire tonight walk until you see the firelight they're building a better bastard downtown tonight we burn it down finding solace in this brilliant decay a pyromaniac holiday
Track Name: Road to Ruin
here we go again is everybody in? it's time to begin throwing caution to the wind again sometimes the road is my only friend no time to stop no time to pretend now's the time to start it up again if we never make it home find some more road to roam if we never make it home i don't mind if we never make it back buy another round of jack if we never make it back i don't mind i don't care how far we drive to make it there i don't care i don't mind i came here to fucking lose my mind no time to waste it's time for damage plans buy some beer and pile in the van set up shop somewhere and make a stand another town another show we'll do it al again tomorrow thanks for coming out we've gotta go i don't mind ten hour drives we like a chance to get high i drove all night so push to the front
Track Name: Sick Day
that weight on my back is too great i can't wait for it to break day after day it's all the same feels like i've gone insane i buy beer with my pocket change because i make minimum wage my parents never told me life was fair but they've never worked there it seems though my life is a mess i wish i'd passed my g.e.d. test stuck in this fucking dead end job slaving for some asshole named bob strain in the pain for a forty hour week i can feel it from my head to my feet been longing for a little rest and relief don't think i'll make it through this week my boss is a jerk abd i don't wanna work think i'll call in sick today nobody wins if i come in think i'll call in sick today i've been searching for a way out of work but every single plan has its quirk calling in a bomb threat has crossed my mind so has the chance of doing hard time fake a slip and fall that might do the trick if they catch me i'd get my pink slip ten paid sick days it's the perfect scheme staying home from work paid it's my dream
Track Name: Silas' Song
problem with my attitude my attitude problem your problem with my attitude is not my fucking problem aggromaniacal larger than life problem with my attitude my attitude problem you bitch moan whine complain ain't no way to solve them
Track Name: With a Bullet
these corporations are killing me selling prepackaged celebrities with every tired dollar spent the fattest cat still makes a mint counting money somewhere in seclusion as the record drops worldwide like a thorn stuck in my side is this what they're calling revolution? contemplating their demise an evil plan hatched and devised shoveling shit down the throats of children radio's not what it used to be i'm not buying what they're selling me another number one with a bullet another feel good radio hit perpetrated by the institution yesterday's gone the airwaves bleeding blood from the stone i'm about to break fake your angst on the airwaves boiling blood in my brain i'm about to break it's your money in the bank i'm about to break gone away from the airwaves