hear. think. react. repeat.

by Sean Conscious

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released February 24, 2017



all rights reserved


Sean Conscious Bend, Oregon

I spend a lot of time on my bike thinking about how to try to make things better. Sometimes, these things become songs.

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Track Name: Don't Back Down
You got my back? It's time to smash "alternate fact".
Shell game trash...don't fall in line with vapid crap.

It's time to stand our ground for another round.
You know what's right and it's worth the fight...just don't back down.

No matter what you find it in your heart to do...we'll add our voice; it'll never be just you.

We just gotta stand our ground...kick, scream and pound. We'll be here; don't give into fear...just don't back down.

We know it seems like it's certain fate
this is all headed for the end of days...
but just keep fighting and writing, igniting...and we can force a change.

So c'mon let's not back down from this battle ground.
Add your voice to this righteous noise, and don't back down.

I beg you please just don't back down...just don't back down.
We never needed you more than now...just don't back down.
Track Name: The Lost Hour
I'm not a big guy, but I've got a brain, and I've got a voice.
I've made a choice...don't make me stand alone.
Do you ever feel deep down that what's core to you and me has been swept away in its entirety and replaced with Orwellian nightmares?

When I wake, each and every day I know inside that though it seems impossible....we can open eyes.

It's time to gather steam.
To push back against the stream.
To let them know with words and screams...

We are infuriated.
We are so far past frustrated

We the people of the human race hereby demand a cease and desist of all this fucking shit.
It's getting out of hand.
More caffeine and nicotine won't speed it all away.
The penalty for this apathy isn't one I'll accept. Nope.

I can't think of a better time than right now.
Don't let it pass you by.
Just clench your fists and scream your mind...

We are infuriated.
No, we won't be placated.

Can you feel it building now, like a splinter in the brain? Exquisite pain can only be delayed. Unless...

We are infuriated.
This storm *will be abated.